Who Is Isabel

You might be wondering who the heck I am.  That is a very good question.  I am about to tell you who exactly I am.

You could say that I grew up with a pretty normal childhood.  I grew up in the suburbs of Portland Oregon, but the suburbs I grew up in were right next to the city so I am not totally a suburbia girl.

I visited the city a lot and was a regular in all of the social scenes in the city as well.  So I was very much into the fashion scene there as well.  I’m not a hipster by any means, but I love the style.

Being in Portland and living close to Nike which also meant that I was close to Adidas and all the other shoe people trying to leech off of Nike.  I naturally turned into a sneaker freak or a sneaker head.

I love sneakers of all kinds and types.  I am a sneaker freak and I will do anything for a vintage or hard to find sneaker.  It is my life and my passion.

So being from Portland I naturally worked at Nike for a while.  Mainly so I could learn all I could about sneakers and so maybe I could find a way of getting my hands on some hard to get and find sneakers.  I never was able to find any hard to get sneakers but what I did get was submerged in the shoe world and made a lot of awesome contacts.  I eventually became so sort of sneaker go to person at Nike.

When the recession hit I got laid off because they laid off a lot of people.  And a lot of good people.  Once word got out that I got laid off I got picked up by Adidas right away, even got a pay raise.  Who hoo.

Being fired really rattled me.  It let me know that my job is never totally secure.  So I decided to start this web page and blog about shoes and eventually sell my own brand.

I have high hopes for my brand mainly because a lot of people in the shoe word know me and respect what I have to say.