2015 12-28

Who Really Needs A Limo?

As yu have learned from before I am an entrepreneur in the great city of Portland Oregon.  And yes I am a sneaker head.  I love everything to do with shoes.  I have generated quite a reputation for myself in some tight knit very important circles.

Most of the time when you are trying attract some business or get someone’s attention about your product you have to wine and dine them,  I really don’t fully agree with that concept, but I get why you have to do it sometimes.  If you have a totally unique awesome product you don’t need to do it but in the world of shoes and especially when you are one of the big dogs that can literally afford anything, customers expect to be wined and dined.

When I was working at Nike and Adidas we would have to do the most extravagant stuff just to get them to buy from us.  A lot of the time the people were extremely unappreciative and just gave us the run around because they wanted to be treated like royalty.  That was one aspect that I could not stand about the job I had when I worked with them.

Nobody really liked what we had to do for some of these people sometimes.  Some of the things I am not going to even mention here because it would get a lot of people in trouble.  So the only way we could make it somewhat bearable was to split up the tasks amongst our group of making these people feel special when they came to see us and possibly buy sneakers and other stuff from us.

I got stuck with having to provide transportation for when they arrived here.  I came up with some really creative ideas such as creating a special UBER account for them and a special car rental agreement with Hertz.  I even went ahead and set up accounts with these companies so when the person got here to Portland they had their pick of what they could do.  I personally liked the UBER idea because it’s cool and chic.  Free rides anywhere and anytime.  Who would not want that?  Plus you didn’t have to worry about ever driving yourself.

But what they always wanted was to be driven around in a limousine.  Again they wanted to be treated like royalty.  It was ridiculous.  A lot of these people claimed to be super modern and environmentally minded.  But come on, they had to be carted around in a limo.  It made me sick.  So I had to go about calling all of these limo companies and they are all really interesting people.  So I found a limo service portland company.  They were a great company to work with actually and they had a few offices and limo companies around town.  Their main office was in Beaverton so that made it real easy for me to work with them.

So when I broke off on my own I made it vow to try and never be carted around in a limo when I go to visit people.  Sometimes I have no choice but I always try to voice my opinion that I do not want to be carted around in a limousine.  I also made it a vow to never have potential customers be driven around in a limo when they come to visit me.  I really try and make it so they really want to come see me for something they want so they have no choice but to come to me any way they can.  I love it when the roles are reversed like that.  That way the ball is in my court.

Again I get why big companies have to do it the way they do but as a small company like mine I don’t have to do it that way and I love it.  It’s awesome.  No super pampered people demanding ever come knocking on my door.

2015 12-23

My First Post

As you know from my about me page that I am a sneaker freak.  Yes, I absolutely love sneakers and will do anything for them.  I am such a sneaker freak that some days I will just sit on a park bench all day so I can just look at all of the sneakers walking by.

I once held prominent positions at Nike and Adidas just because of my sneaker knowledge and reputation ads a sneaker head.  You could say that I have a lot of street cred.

I have so much street cred that I got hired alone on my credibility alone.  Once I got the jobs I excelled really quickly because I was one of the few people that actually knew how to work and knew what people actually wanted.

Yes, I will admit that I can get into the extravagant type of shoes that very few people would actually wear.  But I will admit to that and I know that.  I am a sneaker head I am very eccentric and most people just want a cool pair of shoes to wear.  So all I had to do was find and design shoes that people actually would wear and that they thought were very cool.  Since I was cool and had a style that was easy.

I actually have a lot of street credibility on the streets of Portland so people actually listen to what I have to say and I do know what I am talking about.

That is probably why I did not maintain my jobs at those two huge companies.  As you can probably imagine, I am not a corporate type and I really don’t like playing by the corporation rules on advancement.

I am a true believer that if you make the people working for you look really good and do a great job and give them credit when credit is due then I am doing my job.  Well, in corporations it is all about advancement for yourself and it’s all about yourself.

Well, that’s not me so that is why I had to start my own business in Portland.  Yes, I hopped into the world of entrepreneurship.  So get ready for some crazy stories.

A lot of my stories are based on my adventures with some really awesome and some really awful business that I had to deal with in the great city of Portland Oregon.  Boy, do I have some amazing stories that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Stay tuned, since I am kind of in the fashion business I have to deal with a lot of divas and these divas are rude and very funny at the same time because they are just not with it at all.

Yes, you will enjoy my stories because these people are so out of touch with things.  I could go on and on with stories about that, but I am going to save the stories for my late posts.  So stay tuned.